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World Class Judo Series

In 2011, we teamed up with J. Flores Productions to create a series of instructional DVDs that showcased specific judo throws. We brought to life our vision of world class judo instruction with no fluff, fillers, or gimmicks. Just pure judo.

These DVDs are available for purchase right here on our website, through PayPal!

View the trailers for our two DVDs below.

Everything You Should Know about: Seoi Nage (2012)

Seoi Nage DVD | $25.00

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Everything You Should Know About: Uchi Mata (2015)

Featuring 3x Olympic medalist Amarilis Savon

Uchi Mata DVD | $25.00

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Seoi Nage & Uchi Mata DVD 2-pack | $25.00

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